Sant Jordi in Barcelona 2019

This website will be updated for the next Sant Jordi day. In the meantime, you can find full information relating to activities, book recommendations and new features from Sant Jordi 2019.

An actress and an actor playing the princess and Sant Jordi [St George] inside the City Council

Open day at City Hall

To mark Sant Jordi (St George's Day), Barcelona City Hall will be holding an open day. The tour will start at the gate on Carrer de la Ciutat (Gothic facade).

  • Where: Barcelona City Council
  • When: 23 April, from 10 am to 6 pm
People looking at books at a street stall

Districts and neighbourhoods

Check out the large range of activities that you will find in your neighbourhood and district for enjoying this year's Sant Jordi.

  • Where:  neighbourhoods and districts
  • When: around 23 April
Mia Couto Open video Opening Speech

Opening Speech

This year's Sant Jordi Opening Speech on Reading will be given by the Mozambican writer, Mia Couto. Follow the live broadcast on this website. Consult the video of the broadcast opening-speech for Sant Jordi.

  • Where: City Hall’s Saló de Cent
  • When: 23 April, at 7 pm


Sant Jordi campaign poster, with a picture and the text Solidarity roses

Solidarity roses on sale

On 23 April, solidarity roses will be on sale at the entrance to City Hall. All money raised will go to non-profit organisations.

  • Where: entrance to City Hall
  • When:  23 April, from 10 am to 8 pm
Barcelona's giants welcoming visitors at the Palau de la Virreina

Activities for Sant Jordi

The Sant Jordi search feature enables you to check all activities being organised near you for Sant Jordi 2019: fairs, shows, children’s activities and much more!


Everything you need to know about the saint’s day of Sant Jordi: topical news, curiosities, literary offerings, solidarity initiatives and plenty more. Find out all about it!

Two boys dressed as knights are sitting on the ground reading

The legend of Sant Jordi

The dragon, the princess, the knight and the rose are at the centre of the legend of Sant Jordi, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is set in the town of Montblanc. The story was strongly revived during the Renaissance.

Illustration by Carles Murillo and Pau Gasol

Sala Ciutat

The display area in the Sala Ciutat is paying homage to the book Barcelones, by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, with a mural by the designer Carles Murillo and the illustrator Pau Gasol.

A father holding a bicycle with his daughter sitting on it and a bunch of roses in the basket

Live Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi is all about culture, flowers, love and public participation. And just as Barcelona is an open, inclusive and participatory city, so too is Sant Jordi. No other festival unites Barcelonians with their city as this saint’s day does. Check out all the activities.

  • Where:  throughout the city
  • When: 23 April

Barcelona Libraries recommend

Discovering authors

Sant Jordi is when writers, books and Reader take to the streets. It’s on Sant Jordi that people discover an author, fall in love with a book and become enthralled with a story. This year, to mark the opening speech that will be given by the Mozambican writer, Mia Couto, Barcelona’s libraries have prepared a selection of books from African and other literature with Africa as their central focus. We have highlighted a collection of writers, hailing from several African countries, with remarkable narratives that stirred out emotions and which will stir yours too. Discover Africa this Sant Jordi.

Book cover from Sleepwalking Land (Catalan edition) by Mia Couto

Sleepwalking Land (Catalan edition)

Mia Couto

Fleeing from the violence that is destroying Mozambique, the old Tuahir and the young Muidinga, a boy who can’t remember his past, seek shelter in a burnt bus. Inside, they find a set of notebooks that tell the life of one of the dead.

Barcelona: Edicions del Periscopi, 2018

New on Barcelona Llibres

We present you with the latest new developments on books published or jointly published by Barcelona City Council, which you will find at the book stall in Plaça de Sant Jaume, from 9 am to 9 pm, as well as other works from the last few years.

Gent de ploma i marabú. Geografia LGTB+ de Barcelona

Thais Morales and Carme Pollina

The mark the LGBT+ world has left on the city of Barcelona and the reasons why the city has become a refuge, capital and point of reference for this collective.

Manuel Sayrach 1886-1937. Arquitectura i modernisme a Barcelona

Various authors

Manuel Sayrach, an essential multifaceted artist, is one of the least known architects of the Modernism movement. His work deserved a conscientious and documented review.


Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Thirty years after it was first published, we can once again enjoy Montalbán’s chronicle about Barcelona. An essential work for enjoying, loving and gaining a better understanding of Barcelona .

Topografia de la destrucció

Laia Arañó and Mireia Capdevila

This book provides the most complete and comprehensive account to this day of the bombing of Barcelona during the Civil War (1936-1939).


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