High season at Barcelona’s beaches

The peak bathing season at the city’s beaches is from 27 May to 11 September, with the corresponding municipal services along the Barcelona coast all set to become operative.

26/05/2023 10:50 h

Districte Sant Martí

The peak bathing season gets under way at Barcelona’s beaches this weekend. Throughout the summer, until 11 September, life-saving and rescue facilities will be open to the public from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm.

The dog beach, at the Llevant beach, is one of the services set to become operative this Saturday, coinciding with the bathing season and opening from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm. This area is marked out with perimeter fencing to stop dogs getting out and offers information and cleaning services, as well as furniture to suit the needs of dogs and owners alike.

At the building of the Directorate for Beaches, the Bogatell groyne has a purple point which will come into operation on the eve of Sant Joan, providing awareness, prevention and support against sexist violence and LGBTI-phobia. Itinerant staff will also operate at the different beaches from this point. The facility opens from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm, seven days a week, complementing the night-time purple points at the beaches.

An inclusive changing facility will also be in operation at the Nova Icària beach, with other services available relating to accessibility at the beaches. Public toilets at the beaches will be open from 10 am to 8 pm.

Good practice at the beaches

The ban on smoking and products that release nicotine has been consolidated with the aim of looking after people’s health and keeping spaces clean. Smoking will not be permitted at the beaches this year either, with special attention to the impact of cigarette butts.

One thing which is important to note is the current drought, which is why people are being urged to save water at the beaches and use it responsibly, for instance by only using the showers if completely necessary.

Information staff will also be on hand at the beaches to handle queries on biodiversity and the marine ecosystem, sharing good practices for its maintenance.

More space for compatibility with sport

The new regulations on sport at the beaches establish the following:

  • Sport can be freely practised at the six areas for this purpose at the beaches of Sant Miquel, Somorrostro, Nova Icària and Bogatell, with no limits on hours.
  • People can engage in organised sport at the seven courts provided, by reserving times in advance.
  • Surfing, paddle surf and windsurfing are allowed, always beyond the bathing zone, except for the emergency stage of the rough seas alert or if indicated by the security forces.
  • Recreational fishing is allowed at all beaches from 9 pm to 10 am (from 7 pm at the Barceloneta beach).

Information in real time

Members of the public can get up-to-date information at all times on:

  • State of the sea
  • Colour of safety flags
  • Quality of water
  • Water and air temperature
  • Presence of jellyfish
  • Occupancy levels at beaches (traffic-light colour code)
  • Location of services

Information is available from public information panels, the Info Platges app and the beaches website.