Student visa: how can you work in Barcelona?

You can watch the recordig of the session on this link: Student visa: how can you work in Barcelona?


If you have come to study for an MBA, postgraduate degree, university degree or any other professional training course at a university or educational centre in Barcelona, you have had to do some paperwork.

Procedures such as applying for a student visa, getting the identity number for foreign nationals (NIE) and card (TIE), registration in the municipal register, and so on.

But if there is one thing that most foreign students worry about it is the possibility of finding a job during their studies and after they finish. In fact, following the recent reform of the immigration regulations, non-EU students now have a much easier time working, being able to work more hours on their student visa, and having it much easier to switch to a work permit.

This means the student visa has become one of the best ways to stay in Barcelona in the long term, as it is the gateway to obtaining residence for internships, the new visa for digital nomads or any work permit.

If you want more detailed knowledge of all these options and answers to any questions you have, take part in this information session, led by two expert lawyers in the field of immigration.



6 pm  Welcome and presentation

               Ms Judith Romera, City Promotion Coordinator at Barcelona City Council

6.05 pm  Immigration procedures for students and how to work in Barcelona

               Mr Cristian Balcells, CEO and Managing Director of Balcells International Lawyers Group

               Ms Laesa Bokoko, lawyer at Balcells International Lawyers Group

6.35 pm  Requests and questions

7.00 pm  End of the session


Free registration and capacity limited. Places allocated by order of arrival.