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New to the city? About to move here? We’ve prepared some welcome materials to give you an overview of everything Barcelona has to offer, so that you can make the most of your time here.

You’ll quickly see why Barcelona is the perfect city to pursue your life project.

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We’ve prepared some welcome materials for you.

What’s in the Welcome Pack?

10 Tips to feel at home in Barcelona

10 Tips to feel at home in Barcelona

  • Category: Living in Barcelona
  • Description:

    A leaflet that provides 10 tips and suggestions to make settling in and integration in Barcelona easier for international talent.

  • Editor: City Promotion. Barcelona City Council
Choosing a school in Barcelona

Choosing a school in Barcelona

  • Category: Education
  • Description:

    Practical guide for international families who arrive in Barcelona with their school-age children and need do understand the education system. It focuses on the compulsory stage and contains useful information and tips for choosing a school and for learning about the available options and resources.

  • Editor: City Promotion. Barcelona City Council
  • Languages:

Welcome, talent!

  • Category: Living in Barcelona
  • Description:

    Institutional welcome letter from the first deputy mayor of the city of Barcelona

  • Editor: Primera Tinència d'Alcaldia
Tips to stay safe and respect others

Tips on safety and basic rules of coexistence and citizenship to live in Barcelona.

Area de Seguretat i Prevenció. Ajuntament de Barcelona
Top 25 Barcelona

25 ways and experiences for getting to know Barcelona and its counties.

Turisme de Barcelona i Diputació de Barcelona
Sports Circuits

Sport circuits are public urban places located in parks, avenues and other outdoor zones, where users can walk or run. They are signposted and include information and practical advice.

Institut Barcelona Esports
Travel Notebook. The regions of Barcelona

Original ideas and unforgettable experiences.

Diputació de Barcelona
Park Güell, enjoy Barcelona experience nature

Come to Park Güell and don't miss any secret of its beauty.

Barcelona Serveis Municipals, BSM
Mapa Barcelona és molt més

Map of Barcelona and its counties (comarques) so you can discover their special spots, from the hills all the way to the sea.

Diputació de Barcelona
Barcelona Card Workation. Move your desk, change your life!

An official card providing free or discounted access to the city's main sights.

Turisme de Barcelona
Your market moves closer

Barcelona has a network of 42 municipal markets where you can buy healthy, fresh, quality local produce. Look after yourself, mix and be part of the neighbourhood through your local market.

Institut Municipal de Mercats
Barcelona Activa, always by your side

At Barcelona Activa we acompany you at every stage of your professional life: we support you finding a job, starting up, training or growing your business.

Barcelona Activa
Sport activities for children and young people

Sport, for children and young people, is a source of fun, learning, health and friendships. Barcelona has a range of activities for boys and girls from 0 to 18 years old and adapted to each age group.

Institut Barcelona Esports

We welcome you to a magical and emblematic place in the city of Barcelona with its own soul.

Barcelona Serveis Municipals, BSM
Gym Circuits

Do you have time to play sports? These municipal outdoor facilities have gymnastic equipment designed to improve the physical condition at any time of the day.

Institut Barcelona Esports
Discover, live, dream. Cultural Spaces

Barcelona’s cultural facilities open the door to history, art, design, memory, photography, experimentation and much more. Lots of activities for adults, teenagers and children to make the most of Barcelona!

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Biblioteques de Barcelona

Welcome to one of Barcelona's 40 public libraries.

Biblioteques de Barcelona

Find out all about the app that puts the main mobility services for getting around Barcelona in one place.

Barcelona Serveis Municipals, BSM
The new Barcelona Zoo!

Come to the Zoo to discover the animals that live there and take part in the family activities we offer you!

Barcelona Serveis Municipals, BSM
Activa el català

Catalan opens up doors in Barcelona: courses, language partners, discussion groups, reading clubs, workshops, talks, cultural activities and much more.

CPNL - CNL de Barcelona
Classical music from Barcelona to the world

Among the best music venues in Barcelona, stand out the Liceu Opera, one of the best opera houses in Europe, the modernista Palau de la Música Catalana and L'Auditori, which together offer a world-class music agenda.

Barcelona Obertura
Catalan News, the latest in Catalonia, in English

Catalan News is an English-speaking media outlet that covers the latest news in Catalonia, with information and stories catered to international residents who want to stay in the loop. Stay tuned!

Catalan News - ACN

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