Bringing your pet

If you wish to bring your pet, you will have to carry out the formalities in your country of origin. Your pet must basically be vaccinated and have the necessary health certificates.

Once you're in Barcelona, you will have to register your pet with the Barcelona Register for Pet Animals and Wild Animals in Captivity.

To do so you will have to produce a health certificate in advance, provided by a vet, and identify your pet electronically through an authorised microchip. Should you have a potentially dangerous dog, you will also need a licence.


Buying or adopting a pet

If you wish to have a pet, you can buy one from a specialist shop or a veterinary centre, although another option is to adopt one. This is a responsible act that may be gratifying, offering affection and a suitable home to abandoned animals.

Cats, dogs and ferrets can be adopted from the Barcelona Pet Shelter (CAACB, which stands for Centre d'Acollida d'Animals de Companyia de Barcelona). You can find all the information on pets on the following web page.


Looking after your pet

If you plan to come to Barcelona and you can’t live without your pet, please note that there are numerous places that are pet friendly (especially for dogs) in the city.

Such is the case with bars, restaurants and other public and private places. There are also parks with recreational spaces reserved for dogs, and even one urban beach where you are allowed to take them with you: Llevant beach. You must be responsible for your pet in all other public spaces and will have to keep them on a leash and collect their droppings.

It is against the law to abandon pets in Barcelona, and it is considered a very serious offence if it puts the life of an animal or person at risk. 

It is important to know that there are regulations on animal access to the metro and buses. To see these regulations, go to the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport (TMB) website.