Public transport

Barcelona is a compact city whose size and climate allow many journeys to be made on foot and bicycle. It also has a fantastic efficient and intermodal public-transport system that includes buses, metro trains, trams, local-commuter trains and a shared bicycle service, to name but a few.


Get about the city

Discover how to get about the city.


Integrated fare system

This network has a metropolitan system of fares that integrates the various means of public transport so you can combine as many as four types of transport in a single trip, paying at the start of the journey.

If you regularly need to get about the city and its outskirts, you are advised to use an integrated public transport travelcard.

Transport fares are priced by zone, so the further you go from the city center, the higher the fare will be.

Barcelona Metropolitan Transport (TMB) offers several types of tickets, adapted to various needs: single-journey tickets; ten-journey transferable cards; individual cards valid for different periods of time or special cards for students, families and elderly people.

Children aged 4 to 16 can use public transport in Barcelona for free and without restriction with a T-16 card. This is a customized transport ticket that is valid in the fare zone of the municipality the child resides in. It has an issue charge.

Since 2022, the various transport tickets have been integrated into the T-mobilitat system. It allows you to have all your ATM travel passes, for the Barcelona metropolitan area initially, on a single and permanent support. This may be physical (a smartcard) or virtual (your mobile phone).

You will find further information on the various transport tickets, fares, services and timetables on the following websites:


Bicing: shared use of bicycles

If you like getting about on bicycle you’re in luck, because Barcelona is a great city for such transport and has many cycle lanes.

In addition, it also offers Bicing, a means of transport based on a shared use of bicycles. It has stations throughout the city, located near to metro and bus stations, to encourage the use of combined transport; all of them have conventional and electric bicycles available.

Bicing users have to be resident in the city and over the age of 16. If you meet these requirements, you can take out an annual pass that will let you use the system’s bicycles. All you need to do is hold your card against the station’s card reader, unlock a bike and start pedalling!

Bicing bicycles are intended for residents and are not an option for tourists or visitors.

You can obtain further information on the Bicing website (only in Spanish and Catalan) or use Smou, Barcelona’s personal mobility app