Setting up enterprises

Would you like to expand your enterprise or establish it in Barcelona? Do you need help with opening your business? Are you an international entrepreneur keen to establish your startup here?

If you have been considering questions such as these, we can support you and help you to decide on our city. Whether you're a multinational company, an SME or an entrepreneur, all we ask is that you help our city and its economy to prosper and that you create quality jobs.


Useful if you’re the owner or representative of an enterprise that is considering establishing itself in Barcelona or which has already taken the decision to do so.

We know it’s a strategic decision for an enterprise to open new locations and that numerous variables need to be taken into account. We understand that complexity, and have the information and resources at our disposal to provide technical support to teams in companies preparing to take decisions. We have in-depth knowledge of Barcelona and are connected to its key players in its universities, administration, business network and entrepreneurial ecosystem. A business-installation project well aligned with the city and its priorities has many more possibilities of becoming a success.

If your enterprise has already decided to establish itself in Barcelona, Barcelona City Council’s local economic-development agency, Barcelona Activa, offers you comprehensive free (one-shop-stop) support with accompaniment for your investment project, in full confidentiality. Access the Business landing service from the Business Support Office (OAE, which stands for Oficina d’atenció a les empreses)’


If you’ve got a business idea and believe Barcelona is the city to develop it in, you’re in luck. The city has a favourable environment and many support organisations.


Launch or establish your startup

Barcelona Activa, Barcelona City Council’s local economic development agency, offers advice and free, customised work plans for entrepreneurs. This service aims to provide step-by-step guidance throughout the process for successfully opening an enterprise in Barcelona.

You will need to attend a Barcelona Activa introduction session before you can access its support service for entrepreneurs. Bear in mind that most of the sessions are planned in local languages (Catalan and Spanish), although some are also held in English. You will have to register in advance. We’ll explain to you in only two hours the most basic and important aspects of the process you wish to start: the resources, services and activities available, as well as the legal institutions and formalities, together with the alternatives for obtaining funds for starting up and managing your business.

Once the initial session has finished, we will provide you with a username and password to give you full access to the online tools and enable you to register for training seminars and other activities.

You can find further information on Barcelona Activa’s “Entrepreneurial Barcelona” website.

For further information on doing business or investing in the Barcelona area, please consult Meet Barcelona.

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