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Children’s Proclamation

Plaça de Sant Jaume
Friday 10, at 10.00 am

The big moment is here. Plaça de Sant Jaume is packed with people waiting to hear the children of Barcelona. Today, the kids stand up and actively take part and have their say in the festival.

Over the last few months, the city's 3rd to 6th year primary school pupils have been working hard to reflect on their rights, the resources they have, the kind of city they would like to live in and their commitment to making it a reality. In reality, the Children’s Speech is an activity that aims to promote and disseminate the rights of children, introduce them to citizen participation and teach them to be co-responsible.

The proclamation will be attended by the Mayor of Barcelona and members of the City Council. Subsequently, at around 10:15 am, there will be a performance by the group Ambauka.

The following schools took part in this edition:

Escola Mediterrània, Mare del Diví Pastor, Escola Sagrat Cor Esclaves, Institut Escola Sicília, Escola Pau Vila, Escola Solc, Escola Tres Fonts de les Corts, Escola Nausica, Escola Projecte, Escola Costa i Llobera, Escola Nou Patufet, Escola Josep Maria de Sagarra, EE Mare de Déu de Montserrat, Escola Els Pins, Institut Escola El Molí, Escola Marta Mata, Escola Mercè Rodoreda, Escola Turó Blau, Escola Doctor Ferran i Clua, Escola Concepció Arenal i Escola Dovella.

Bell-ringing along the Gòtic neighbourhood’s streets

Along the Gòtic neighbourhood’s streets
Friday 10, at 6 pm
Organised by: Government of Catalonia

As is customary, the Palau de la Generalitat's bell-ringing is taking part in the Santa Eulàlia Festivities, with a festive performance that can be heard in various streets in the Gòtic neighbourhood.

The melodies will have a festive air and will be performed by Anna Maria Reverté. First, we will hear the Merriment of Santa Eulàlia, by Joan Salvat. After that, the Dance of Santa Eulàlia, a traditional melody. And then, to round it all off, three festive sardanas: Llevantina, by Vicenç Bou; Els meus de Barcelona, by Vicenç Bou; and A la plaça, by Enric Morera.

The programme may be amended for reasons of force majeure.

The Eagle’s Protocols

Sets off from Plaça Sant Jaume
Friday 10 at 8 pm

Route: Plaça de Sant Jaume, Carrer de Jaume I, Plaça de l’Àngel, Carrer de l’Argenteria, Carrer dels Sombrerers, Placeta de Montcada, Passeig del Born, Carrer de Santa Maria, Fossar de les Moreres and Plaça de Santa Maria.

8.40 pm: Coronela Honours and Trabucaires at the Fossar de les Moreres.

8.50 pm: Barcelona Lion’s Dance and Santa Maria del Mar Giants in Plaça de Santa Maria.

9 pm: City Eagle Protocols: Entering the Santa Maria del Mar Basilica with the City Eagle March.

The Eagle’s Dance inside the Basilica. Leading a solemn procession starting from Plaça de Sant Jaume will be the City Eagle [Àliga], accompanied by the Barcelona militia [Coronela], the Barcelona Lion, the Santa Maria del Mar Giants and the Perot Rocaguinarda Trabucaires with their blunderbusses, who together form the entourage for the Eagle’s Protocols [seguici dels Protocols de l’Àliga]. The procession will culminate in one of the most emotive and solemn events of the festivities: the traditional Ball de l’Àliga, or Eagle’s Dance, which will be performed at the presbytery and in front of the altar at the Santa Maria del Mar Basilica.

Clavé Choirs concert: Clavé, music in love

Plaça de Sant Jaume
Friday 10, at 8.30 pm
Clavé Federation of Choirs

The Federation of Clavé Choirs returns to the Santa Eulàlia Festivities with a concert focusing on music from film soundtracks throughout history. We will be able to hear tunes from The Chorus, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Indiana Jones.

There will also be a series of love songs that we can all sing along to: Boig per tu, Camins, Can’t help falling in love and Unchained Melody, among others.

A concert that is really worth seeing live!