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Family activities

The Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món offers activities for people of all ages, ideal for families.


Parc Montjuïc Venue. Weaving makes us human: Technology before factories


Weaving is done all over the world; geometry, loops, knots and consecutive order. It is done with plant fibres, but also with fur, hair or bone, in order to make containers, tools or clothing that have made daily work and human subsistence easier. Culture is weaving. Workshops to discover our craftwork abilities, using natural materials.


Montcada Venue. Stories, culture, heritage


Every culture has its own stories. A product of human creativity, they help us to understand the world around us and may contain answers that help us deal with the situations and problems of everyday life. They have many functions, such as entertainment or distraction, allowing us to identify with the protagonists and explain the culture's norms and values. So, let's go.

Family activities