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Find out more about the Museu Etnològic i de Cultures del Món’s collections, with explanations from specialists.

Valdivia Statuettes

Dr. Ramiro Matos

In the Valdivia settlements, both on the surface and in the excavations, the dominant cultural material is high-quality ceramics, with varied form and decoration.

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Crosses of Ethiopia

Dr. Ewa Balicka-Witakowska, PhD

The small pendant crosses are worn by every Ethiopian Christian but especially by women, often as a complement to a cross-tattoo on the forehead, hand or neck.

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Nature in Japanese art

Dr. Ricard Bru

Both the ancient ethnic religion – Shinto – and the poetry anthologies dating from the 8th century show how the Japanese people’s profound empathy towards nature has become one of the main idiosyncratic traits of their culture.

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The figure of Krishna

The Folch collection has a fine selection of sculptures representing Hindu deities. We will focus on one of them, Krishna, to try and approach the complexity of these beliefs, which have the third-largest number of followers in the world.

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Ifa divination

Hall no. 5 in the Montcada Venue, on the ground floor, is dedicated to the Yoruba culture. One of the main characteristics of their beliefs is the art of Ifa divination.

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