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Grallers [chanter players] morning call

Baixada de Santa Eulàlia
Sunday, 11, at 8 am

The gralla players in the popular culture groups of Barcelona will be waking the neighbours to the sound of the Morning Call, announcing the celebrations of the winter festa major. Wake up! Streets full of festivities await you.

The Falcons of Barcelona

In Plaça de Sant Jaume
Sunday, 11, at 10.30 am

Street parade: 10 am

Route: Plaça Nova, Carrer del Bisbe and Plaça de Sant Jaume.

The Falcons de Barcelona will once again be flying for Santa Eulàlia! With their amazing structures, the Falcons will be reaching the city’s skies, with human constructions that defy balance and gravity. The Falcons first performed for the Santa Eulàlia Festivities in 2003 and, over 20 years later, they continue to amaze the Barcelona public with their spectacular performances. 

Their street parade will start in Plaça Nova, then head towards Plaça de Sant Jaume. However, first they visit Carrer del Bisbe, stopping in front of the Santa Eulàlia door of the Cathedral cloister, where they will build a figure in honour of the patron saint. On reaching Plaça de Sant Jaume, the Falcons will amaze the public with their classic human figures, while the group often likes to innovate and take risks to offer new figures.

Lacemaker’s Gathering

In Carrer dels Arcs and Portal de l’Àngel
Sunday, 11, at 10.30 am

The puntaires, or lacemakers, will be coming to Carrer dels Arcs and Avinguda del Portal de l’Àngel! Hailing from all over Catalonia, they keep this tradition alive, to the sound of the thousands of wooden bobbins that move with their mastery. Come and see how cushions, threads, bobbins, patterns and needles come together to make bobbin lace, a key activity in the Catalan textile industry between the 18th and mid 20th centuries.

Gathering of the Ciutat Vella Giants and the St Eulalia Entourage

Gathering in Plaça Reial
Sunday 11, 10.30 am
Federació d’Entitats de Cultura Popular i Tradicional de la Barcelona Vella

11.30 pm: start of the Seguici (procession).

12.15 pm: Baixada de Santa Eulàlia. Santa Eulàlia dance by the Plaça Nova New Giants and wreath-laying ceremony.

1.15 pm: Plaça de Sant Jaume. Dances by the “gegantona” lesser giant Laia, the City Eagle, the City Giants and the Dance of Santa Eulàlia by the Plaça Nova New Giants.

Route: Plaça Reial, Passatge de Colom, La Rambla, Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Plaça de la Cucurulla, Carrer dels Boters, Plaça Nova, Carrer del Bisbe, Carrer de Sant Sever, Baixada de Santa Eulàlia, Carrer dels Banys Nous, Carrer de Ferran and Plaça de Sant Jaume (at around 12.45 pm).

The “gegantona” Laia and the Santa Eulàlia banner will lead the street parade, followed by the “Seguici Popular” (popular procession), consisting of the City Giants, the “Cavallets Cotoners” (little horses), the Eagle, Lion, Mulassa mule, Ox, Dragon, She-dragon, Tarasca dragon, Pi Giants, Santa Maria del Mar Giants, Seguici stick dance and the Falcons de Barcelona. Next come the giants, dwarfs and lesser giants from the Barcelona neighbourhoods and regions of Catalonia, gathered in Plaça Reial.

The street parade will take all the festive elements to Plaça de Sant Jaume, along emblematic streets such as Baixada de Santa Eulàlia, where the Plaça Nova New Giants will offer their dance to the patron saint. At 1.15 pm, Laia’s dance, the dance of the Eagle and of the City Giants, and the dance of Santa Eulàlia, performed by the Plaça Nova New Giants, will close this, the oldest and one of the most solemn events of the winter festa major. Held since 1983, it was the seed of the current Santa Eulàlia Festivities.

Diada Castellera de Santa Eulàlia

In Plaça de Sant Jaume
Sunday, 11, at 11.30 am

Human towers will be returning to reach up to the roof of the city! The eight Barcelona Castellers (human tower builder) groups are all ready to raise their towers in the middle of Plaça de Sant Jaume, in the old town. In 60 minutes, the groups will create all their towers simultaneously.

Come to the square to join in and encourage the Barcelona, Sants, Vila de Gràcia, Poble Sec, Sagrada Família, la Jove de Barcelona, Sarrià and the Esquerdats of Esquerra de l’Eixample human tower builders. All together we will see the towers once again reach the sky!

Double session of sardanas

Sant Jaume square
Sunday, 11, at 4 pm
Agrupació Cultural Folklòrica Barcelona

Enjoy the sound of the Cobla Mediterrània and Cobla Ciutat de Terrassa sardana orchestras and join in the circles. The Sardana season starts with Santa Eulàlia!

Banda Simfònica Roquetes-Nou Barris de Barcelona concert

Plaça de Sant Jaume
Sunday 11, at 19.30 pm

To the rhythm of popular, well-known and Catalan music, the Banda Simfònica Roquetes - Nou Barris will offer us a concert in Plaça de Sant Jaume. Since its first concert in 1989, the band has performed more than seven hundred performances in Barcelona and Catalonia.