Stand Up Dance podcast

Meagan O'Shea (Stand Up Dance)

Conversations that matter: creative process and queer life through the lens of ANATOMALIA

Anatomalia: anatomy + anomaly + femalia

ANATOMALIA is a collective healing of the damage done to ‘femalia’ moving from sexual violence to freedom, and a celebration of queer joy. Through dance, performance, voice, original music, designed environments, video installations and choose-your-own-adventure experience ANATOMALIA aims to change inner landscape and outer world by transmuting shame, fear and repulsion to unleash desire, curiosity and embrace trust. 

Created by Meagan O'Shea and collaborators: 

Áine Ní Laoghaire, Anna Fitoussi, Areli Moran Mayoral, Arantza López Medina, Britt Angus, Camila Malenchini, Cathy Walsh, Carolina Charol Stefano, Carolina Torres Topago, Cristina Leoni-Osion, Elisa Keisanen, Ella Effendy, Ellice Kynman, Ester Roca Vila, Frida Yngvesson, Geoff LeRue, Glòria Ros Abellana, Gülsah Cerit, Hanna Bowe, Helen Yung, Iris Borràs Anglada, Jade O’Connor, Jennifer Dahl, Juanita Garzón, Julianne Carino, Lilianne Kane, Linnea Swan, Lisa Densem, Loana Flores, Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé, Maddi Fuente Ubani, Marion Cronin, Milagros Garcia Salguiero, Nicole Nigro, Nomi Somorrostro, Patrycja Maslowska, Ra Tack, Rosalía Zanón, Ruth Barry, Sarah Ryan, Skye Rogers, Sofia Insua, Tristán Pérez-Martín

with residencies at FringeLab/Ireland + Ponderosa, KulturPark Stolpe, fabrik Potsdam, tanzfabrik Berlin, Rechenzentrum Potsdam/Germany + Fabra i Coats, Espai Nyamnyam/Catalunia and support from Nationales Performance Netz Joint Adventures, Canada Council for the Arts, The Dance Centre BC and private donations.

Meagan O'Shea (Stand Up Dance)


An international dance collaboratory that activates people individually and collectively through transformative experience. Using improvisation and body-based practice to facilitate artistic exchange, we treat studio and creative process as an R&D lab for society. Stand Up Dance seeks to disrupt dominant paradigms, telling stories and sharing experiences, that give voice to alternative and silenced narratives.

Founded by Meagan O’Shea, Stand Up Dance partners with other organizations to make more art possible for more people. We orchestrate international collaborations, on-the-street ensemble improv, interactive, interdisciplinary solo shows, participatory creative process projects, dance-films. In all of our endeavours, visibility, inclusion, access and diversity of all kinds matter.

Our guiding principles are:

·    Be As You As You Can Be

·    Include Everyone & Find Your People

·    Cultivate the Oblique

·    Magnify Joy

·    Amplify Impact