Teatre Grec © Edu Bayer / Ajuntament de Barcelona
Defending culture

What future awaits culture in the wake of Covid-19? In the debate featured in this issue, the opinions concur in retaining that the problems facing culture go way...

La tradición cosmopolita. Un noble e imperfecto ideal, Martha Nussbaum. Paidós, 2020
The dignity of being citizens of the world

Nussbaum traces the genealogy of the cosmopolitan tradition, which is rooted in the response given by Diogenes the Cynic when asked where he was from, to which he...

Cuando la riqueza se codeaba con el hambre. (Vida nocturna de la Barcelona de posguerra, 1939-1952), Paco Villar. Ajuntament de Barcelona, 2020
The city didn’t sleep, or didn’t want to

The lights and shadows of the 1940s and 1950s in Barcelona, collected in Paco Villar’s latest book. From the restaurants Los Caracoles on the street Escudellers to La...

Barcelona, Fotògrafes/Fotógrafas, d`Isabel Segura.
Barcelona in the eyes of women photographers

For a long time, Spanish photographers saw their creative aspirations determined by the role society assigned to them. The book Barcelona, fotógrafas, by...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Open city. The challenges of the futureThe city is bare: nature as necessity

The lockdown triggered by the pandemic has revealed the shortcomings of urban living as we knew it to us. The rural world now offers tranquillity and contact with...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Open city. The challenges of the futureCities that learn from science: the response to a design crisis

COVID-19 has spread faster in dense urban areas, resulting in a higher mortality rate compared to rural areas. By drawing the diagram of the virus’s behaviour and its...

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Couplets on the night bus

When her friends started getting into the habit of splitting taxis to get home, for the first time she thought that she’d have to give up the night bus.

Il·lustració © Raquel Marín
Open city. The challenges of the futureListening to the digital ordinary

If the presents and futures of our everyday urban life are entwined and unravelled in digital entanglements, knowing how to listen to them is crucial. But the right...

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