Il·lustració. ©David Sierra
A new energy model for the cityPublic electricity suppliers, a new tool for energy change

Faced with the current situation of soaring energy prices, cooperative and public electricity suppliers can contribute enormously to the energy transition to bring about a sustainable,...

Il·lustració. ©David Sierra
A new energy model for the cityThe city and the challenge of a just transition

Energy is a right. Although local government does not have powers in the major domains of energy regulation, it can...

Retrat d'Antoni Vila Casas © Flaminia Pelazzi
“The spirit of patronage has been very much lost, and that saddens me”

Antoni Vila Casas

Antoni Vila Casas (Barcelona, 1930) has long donated part of his fortune to philanthropic projects. The foundation he set up has two directions: in the social-health-related...

El periodista Josep Maria Huertas intenta el 1997 travessar el carrer de Lisboa enfangat, al barri de la Clota. © Pepe Encinas
'Cròniques del fang'. When journalists wandered the streets

Through the book Cròniques del fang [Mud Chronicles], Jaume Fabre pays a fitting tribute to the journalist Josep Maria Huertas Claveria and the journalism named after...

Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco / Descalza
An uncertain futureAnimals in the city, do I want them there?

Cities cannot just belong to “us”. We need animals. Their presence forces us to sharpen our senses other than hearing...

Retrat de Carla Simón. © Ferran Forné
“I think that the fear of death is what brings me to make films”

Carla Simón

In Estiu 1993 (Summer 1993), Carla Simón fictionalised her experience of being adopted by her aunt and uncle when she was six years old, following the death of her parents from...

Il·lustració. © Susana Blasco / Descalza
An uncertain futureDemocracy, sovereignty and territory: Squaring the circle

How do democracy, sovereignty and territory relate to one another? The ownership and exercise of sovereignty make...

Retrat d'Elvira Dyangani Ose. © Álex Losada
“We must take responsibility for changing so that the world changes too”

Elvira Dyangani Ose

Photographers claim that some people make the camera fall in love. If that’s true, Elvira Dyangani Ose is one of those people. Those in high-ranking positions do not usually...

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