Exposició Urban Nature al CCCB
The cities within the city

The Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, from its outset, has thought and rethought the city from all kinds of perspectives. In 2021, the CCCB wished to go one step further and...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelAdvantages and possibilities of organic farming

Agri-food systems underpinned by the principles of ecological farming continue to grow far and wide across the planet, and 186 countries already implement regulated organic...

Il·lustració © Riki Blanco
Towards a new food modelCounterurbanisation

The growth of cities is paving over nature, encroaching on farmland and stoning agriculture. If, as numerous studies show, urbanisation processes are becoming less and less...

L'avinguda Meridiana, entre el carrer de Felip II i la plaça de la Tolerància. © Vicente Zambrano González
How we get around

Barcelona tops the list of European cities with the highest car density, 5,844 per km2. Although the traffic is twice that of Madrid and five times that of Berlin or Amsterdam...

Il·lustració © Nicolás Aznárez

Gone with the wind. It was blowing fiercely there. It was a wind that didn’t come from any cardinal point, it fell perpendicularly from the sky and smashed you against the ground. On...

Llibre: El bar Kike y Paca la Tomate. Nazario.  Ajuntament de Barcelona, 160 pàgines — Barcelona, 2021
Everything that can go on in a bar

We are a bar culture. Every generation, every scene, has had its own, and each of these bars deserves a book like this one, because its history is the history of the collective...

Retrat de Luis Cabrera. © Martí Petit
“When they hurt me, I didn’t turn the other cheek”

Luis Cabrera

Thanks to his tenacity, his personal rebelliousness and his untameable nature, Luis Cabrera (Arbuniel, Jaén, 1954) has been weaving an abundantly rich life story that he now explains in...

Imatge de la proposta Caminar des del centre de b67 Palomeras Arquitectes i Cierto Estudio.
The Eixample is a Process

The Cerdà Plan for Barcelona’s Eixample has witnessed multiple interventions since the outset of its execution. This variability, typical of plans or architectures designed with flexible...

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