Pork del Clot

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Pork del Clot

Constructed in 2013 by Dolors Sans

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The el Clot neighbourhood has had a fire-launching big-head figure since its big annual festival in 2013: the Pork del Clot [El Clot Boar]. This festival imagery figure represents a wild boar covered over with a combat cuirass created by the artist Dolors Sans. It also has, what is more, a rather curious history behind it. It was constructed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Xarcuteries Bosch, a shop strongly rooted in the neighbourhood, and was presented during the opening speech given by the establishment's owners.

But the big-head figure has been handed over to the Diables del Clot, the association tasked with taking it out and getting it to dance. The Boar has eight fire points located in its mouth, loin and backside and is accompanied, during its performances, by the Tabalers del Clot [Kettle Drummer] group. A new festival in the neighbourhood centred on the Boar appeared in 2014: the Porkada. This is a party held in honour of Sant Antoni [St Anthony], centred on festival beasts, culinary pork and fire. The Porkada soon became an essential event on the neighbourhood's festival calendar.