Torre del Rellotge

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Torre del Rellotge

Constructed by Xavier Jansana in 1991

When La Barceloneta commissioned the gegants Pep Barceló i Maria la Néta and the capgrossos Ramonet and Ganxut from the constructor Xavier Jansana in 1991, he also made them a unique ‘gegantó’, or small giant: the Torre del Rellotge building of the Moll de Pesacadors. This building, an ancient lighthouse from the 18th century that was later adapted to be a clock, is an important architectural symbol of the neighbourhood.

According to Xavier Cordomí in the book ‘Gegants i capgrossos II’, this figure was not initially considered to be a gegantó, even though it was carried as one. In line with the most orthodox criteria of the world of festive imagery, it couldn’t be considered as such because it doesn't have an anthropomorphic form. Nonetheless, the figure of the Torre del Rellotge was recognised as a gegant in the debates about gegants and capgrossos in the 2nd Congress of Catalan Popular Culture.