Plaça Reial

Plaça Reial

The square used to be the site of a Capuchin convent, but after the Confiscation of Mendizábal in 1835, it was turned into a theatre (first the Teatre dels Caputxins, and then Teatre Nou). In 1848, it made way for a square with an arched arcade, one of the few now remaining in the city, designed by Daniel Molina. There is a central fountain dedicated to the Three Graces and lamp posts that are an example of Antoni Gaudí’s early work, as well as some of the most popular bar-terraces in the city.

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    • Pl Reial, 5
    • Ciutat Vella
    • el Barri Gòtic
    • 08002 Barcelona

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    September 22nd evening


    Concert "Anika"

    Plaça Reial
    FRI 22 · 20:00 h

    September 22nd night


    'Belgrado' concert

    Plaça Reial
    FRI 22 · 21:30 h

    'shego' concert

    Plaça Reial
    FRI 22 · 23:00 h