Barcelona Agreement eyes recovery through consensus

21/07/2020 - 19:41

COVID-19. All the municipal groups have given their support to the ten goals in the agreement, put together with input from over two hundred organisations.

Representatives from all municipal groups have signed the Barcelona Agreement for a new collective effort to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, with input from two hundred organisations in the city.

Based around consensus, the Barcelona Agreement sets out the priorities for the social and economic crisis caused by the pandemic, with ten main goals:

  • Reactivate and strengthen production and commerce in Barcelona to revitalise the economy and create jobs.
  • Back resilient and innovative economic sectors and favour diversification, thanks to the acceleration of the digital transformation and the city’s technological capability.
  • Promote community action by strengthening social services and developing social and organisational networks to respond to the crisis and to new types of vulnerability now added to existing inequalities, with more backing for care work in our society.
  • Turn housing into a social, economic and environmental response to the crisis.
  • Boost the health and biomedicine system in the city to help improve public health and consolidate Barcelona as a safe and advanced leader in healthcare.
  • Move towards a new urban model based on proximity, with a fresh impulse for sustainable mobility, lower emissions and more natural green space, reaffirming the commitment to tackle the climate emergency.
  • Back the construction of an education system and network which guarantees equal opportunities and constitutes a basic tool for ensuring social equity. Also, to strengthen the city’s scientific capital, its value in the definition of strategies for the future and the consolidation of Barcelona as a place for research.
  • Promote access to culture, strengthening the city’s creative and cultural capital as part of Barcelona’s most valuable heritage, an important factor for cohesion and for the city’s international promotion. Also, to guarantee universal access to sport as a means of health and the construction of networks of associations.
  • Reactivate the city as a safe and sustainable quality tourist destination, and as a centre for professional exchange, able to attract and retain talent.
  • Consolidate Barcelona’s active role in an international context by backing city networks, cooperation and multilateralism.

The Barcelona Agreement strengthens the city’s municipalism and defines an area for cross-cutting consensus and work towards the recovery. The signatory organisations have committed to holding a convention in 2021 to evaluate and follow up on the agreement.