The city is a space for coexistence that is transforming due to the residents' requirements, with the aim of meeting the needs of a good quality urban environment to benefit everyone. Barcelona’s participatory bodies are the means for regularly bringing the City Council and citizens together to gather and discuss, on an ongoing basis, their opinions and proposals on policies and municipal actions.

Mobility Pact

The Mobility Pact is a space for debate, dialogue, collaboration and participation between people, companies and institutions with shared principles. The Pact aims to construct a model for sustainable, safe and healthy mobility, which responds to the needs of everyone in order to construct a mobility model based on consensus.

Committee Against Air Pollution

This is a cross-sectional space for participation and debate for working, together with the city government, companies and agents from the sector, to solve the problems of pollution in the city. The Committee’s aim is to analyse the city’s air quality situation, propose and develop and monitor corrective measures, inform and raise awareness, and to analyse the situation regarding air-pollution episodes.

Citizen Advice for Sustainibility

Consulting and representative body for organisations involved in achieving the objectives of the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2012-2022 which, in accordance with its regulations, acts as a promoter of new involvement, co-responsibility and participation strategies by citizen organisations towards sustainability in the city of Barcelona.

Barcelona Noise and Health Working Group

Working group for companies and organisations from social, political and economic areas, and professional associations, the academic sector, agents linked to mobility and Barcelona City Council itself. It aims to collectively debate measures and actions, whether general, specific or by activity sector, in order to guarantee the right to health in the city, focusing on noise pollution. Created on 19 December 2018 in Barcelona.