In Barcelona, there is an extensive, efficient public transport bus network available to everyone, which allows you travel through all the city’s neighbourhoods. It is made up of over 90 lines and it allows you to travel all over the city and carry out your daily activities comfortably.

The buses are adapted for people with reduced mobility, and information is provided inside the vehicles on the next stops and transfers with other means of transport or bus lines, to make your journey easier.

Hybrid, electric or compressed natural gas buses are gradually being incorporated to substitute the more polluting diesel vehicles, in order to contribute to the air quality on the streets of Barcelona. As a result, Barcelona has one of the greenest fleets in Europe. So, when you use public transport you can enjoy safe, equitable and efficient travel, and you contribute to reducing the emission of pollutants in the air we breathe.

In Barcelona, the main public transport bus network is made up of:

- Quick express lines (or new bus network). There are 28 lines planned (by the end of 2018), with routes going horizontally (8), vertically (17) and diagonally (3) through the city.

- Conventional lines or complementary lines connecting neighbourhoods (43 lines).

- Neighbourhood bus lines which offer short local journeys within the neighbourhoods (26 lines).

- NitBus, or night bus lines . A service offered with a nocturnal timetable, between approximately 10 pm and 6 am, for journeys within Barcelona and linking the populations from the metropolitan fare area.

In the last few years, and coinciding with the deployment of the new bus network, important improvements have been made in public space and accessibility, such as specific traffic lights, the expansion of the bus lane network and measures to guarantee priority right of way for buses.

TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) is the main operator of urban buses in the city of Barcelona.

In addition, other lines, mainly from the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, circulate around Barcelona, which not only connect with the neighbouring municipalities but also cover a large part of the territory of Barcelona and in many cases function as internal buses.

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