Barcelona is changing the mobility and transit paradigm towards more healthy, more sustainable and safer mobility. The city has an extensive transport network that guarantees mobility to everyone in an equal, efficient and safe way, and in which public transport, cycling and travelling on foot are the preferred means of transport and the most used by the over five million people who travel around the city each day.

The majority of journeys made within the city are of short or medium distance, very suited to be made on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. To get to work, run errands, buy groceries, go to the theatre or simply enjoy a stroll through the city streets: the best way to get around Barcelona is by walking, by bicycle or by public transport.

Barcelona is working to improve air quality and comfort for the public and is therefore committed to healthier mobility, by improving public space for more sustainable modes of transport, reducing the burden of private motorised vehicles, committing to more efficient means of public transport, and prioritising clean energies to fuel private vehicles.

The city’s mobility strategy follows what is set out in the Urban Mobility Plan for 2013-2018, with actions that seek to achieve a quality public space for all neighbourhoods, to encourage co-existence and cohesion, and to guarantee a healthy, safe environment for everyone.


Barcelona is promoting mobility that balances the presence of all means of transport in the public space and encourages those which are more sustainable and which benefit all the citizens. You choose the best way to get around.

  • Healthy City1

    Mobility free of fumes guarantees the right to breathe clean air. Choose sustainable transport and contribute to improving the quality of life in your city.

    Zero Emission City

  • More space for pedestrians2

    Cities are nicer when we travel through them on foot. In Barcelona, people rather than cars are at the centre of mobility. A commitment that benefits everyone.

    Means of transport - On foot

  • Boosting public transport 3

    By bus, metro, tram or train. Find the best way to get around the city in a collective, efficient and sustainable way.

    How to get there - Public transport?


  • Connected city4

    A city designed to connect people and neighbourhoods. You’ll find options everywhere for getting around and reaching all the corners of the city.

    Connected city

Political organisation chart

Executive organisation chart

  • Assistant manager’s office for mobility

    Manuel Valdés

    • Manager’s office for mobility services

      Adrià Gomila

      • Strategic mobility department

        Carlos Lopez

      • Territorial mobility department

        Xavier Pérez

      • Mobility management department

        Lluís Cerda