More and better bike lanes for the cycling network

26/11/2021 - 19:24

Between 2021 and 2023, some 28 works will create 32.6 kilometres of bike lane and improve 11.7 kilometres of the existing network.

Work is under way to shift important sections of bike lanes from pavements into roads in Av. Diagonal, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and Rda. Guinardó. The bike lane in the latter will also be widened and split to achieve greater continuity.

The improvement to the bike lane in Av. Diagonal, from Pl. Pius XII to the Parc de Cervantes, will shift some sections from the pavement into the road and create a new segregated two-way cycling infrastructure.

More precisely, between the Faculty of Business and C/ John M. Keynes, the bike lane will be in the side lane of Av. Diagonal on the side nearest the mountains, with service sections (parking) to be eliminated on both sides and a two-way bike lane to be created. Between C/ John M. Keynes and C/ Pere Duran Farell the bike lane will be on the section of pavement running along the façade of the Palau Reial, with new paving to be installed. Finally, between C/ Pere Duran Farell and Pl. Pius XII, the bike lane will be on the side lane nearest the mountain in Av. Diagonal, with sections of on-street parking to be eliminated.

Elsewhere, the work in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, between C/ Pau Claris and C/ Marina, will consist of shifting the current bike lane off the pavement and creating two new segregated bike lanes along the side lanes.

Finally, two new segregated one-way bike lanes will be created in Rda. Guinardó, between C/ Vinyals and C/ Cartagena. These lanes will be next to the pavement and their addition means changes to the current traffic lanes: services and parking lanes on both sides will be eliminated in most of this section, with a traffic lane to be lost in some cases but keeping two in each direction along the whole road.

The three projects for the cycling network will be completed between March and April next year, with a halt over the Christmas period.

Disruptions to mobility

  • Avinguda Diagonal: as from Monday, 29 November, the side lane nearest the mountain will be closed between C/ John M. Keynes and the Faculty of Business. While work is in progress, traffic access to C/ Alfambra will be temporarily restricted. As from 31 January, the side lane nearest the mountain will also be closed to traffic between Pl. Pius XII and C/ Pere Duran Farell. In addition, from the same date, work will be carried out by Pl. Pius XII which will mean provisionally occupying one traffic lane there.
  • Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes: from 10 to 28 January, the side lanes in Gran Via will be completely closed to traffic, with access for local residents between the streets of Roger de Flor and Marina. In addition, from 14 February to 4 March, work will mean completely restricting traffic in the side lanes of Gran Via, between the streets of Pau Claris and Bailèn. These cuts will also affect some bus routes and stops, with occasional parking restrictions in certain spaces.
  • Ronda del Guinardó: from 30 November to 17 December, one traffic lane will be eliminated. Similarly, from 12 January to 22 February one traffic lane in each direction will be occupied. In addition, between 22 February and 23 March the service lane and one traffic lane in each direction will be occupied. This will mean some bus stops temporarily being out of service.

These projects form part of the new package of work planned for the city’s cycling infrastructure for 2023, to respond to the increase in the use of bike lanes. Some 28 different works will be carried out between 2021 and 2023, allowing for the creation of 32.6 kilometres of new bike lanes and improvements to 11.7 kilometres of the existing network. The works mean the city will have a cycling network of 272.6 kilometres in 2023.