Public transport continues to offer 100% service levels

19/10/2020 - 11:15

Mobility and transport. Public transport will continue to operate at 100% capacity despite the predictable drop in demand following the resolution published by the Ministry of Health on Friday and establishing measures to be applied to public transport.

Any activity involving the removal of face masks on public transport, such as eating or drinking, should be done once outside, in the open air. The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) is calling for more flexibility with people’s working hours so that rush hours can be avoided.

The public transport network continues to operate at full capacity and offer 100% of its services, even though demand has dropped considerably given the new restrictions in resolution SLT/2546/2020, of 15 October.

However, limits on night services are still in place after they were established in July, meaning that all rail services (metro, FGC and Tram) stop operating at midnight every day of the week. Current NitBus service levels in the metropolitan area remain unchanged.

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) is calling for greater flexibility for working and teaching activity unaffected by the restrictions. The intention is for more flexible working hours to help avoid rush hours on public transport, which normally occur between 6 am and 9 am and mean higher volumes of passengers.

Even so, the ATM notes that except for occasional episodes, average passenger volumes during rush hours currently stand at 64% of the levels for the same period last year.

Compliance with self-protection regulations

The correct use of face masks is obligatory on all public transport at all times, with no exceptions. Consequently, any activity which involves removing face masks, such as eating or drinking, must be avoided by passengers when using public transport.

At the same time, and to promote self-protection measures, the various public transport operators are to provide hand sanitiser dispensers inside stations where it has not been offered so far.

It should be remembered that the various studies carried out internationally show that transmission rates for Covid-19 on public transport are minimal.

Finally, given the restrictions set out by the resolutions, the ATM will be establishing a compensation procedure for holders of T-jove travel cards affected by the suspension of on-site university classes.

This procedure will be in line with the compensation applied to travel cards affected by the state of emergency from the first wave and will be announced shortly.