About us

The Barcelona blog is managed by the Barcelona City Council Social Websites Central Communication Service from the Internet Deparment. It aims to establish itself as a central social space and provide a platform for communication between blog users and the Council. It is also a support platform for other social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Spotify

The contents of this blog are divided into five subject areas:

1. Unknown city: This section tells you about the lesser-known side of the city, things about Barcelona that will surprise you and arouse your curiosity. We shall be giving top priority to material of this kind that comes from the City Council itself.

2. Networking: We want to be right at the side of city residents and act as a voice for raising awareness of individual and group initiatives in the world of 2.0.

3. News: City news will be the focus of another area of the blog. It will deal with more general, thematically arranged news: local council, public, culture, sport, economic promotion, the environment, etc.

4. Your City Council: We aim to expand and raise awareness of the City Council’s services and the great value they provide city residents. To publicise them in a creative and dynamic way.

5. Barcelona people: This section will publicise city-resident initiatives of value to Barcelona.

Terms and conditions for using Barcelona City Council social sites


Barcelona City Council social network updates must be consistent with public order and with fundamental rights and freedoms. They must also respect personal dignity and the rights of minors and minorities.


Barcelona City Council social network updates must respect the opinions of other users. In addition, these social networks may not be used for publishing comments that discriminate against or discredit other users for any reason.


Privacy is a fundamental requirement of social networks. Barcelona City Council undertakes to protect the privacy of any information and data its users supply for registering with the service or receiving its services.

User service

The Barcelona social sites’ user-service hours are from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday.

Our priority is to answer users’ queries directly, within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the platform and the nature of the query, or to direct queries to their corresponding service, where they concern an issue that falls outside our authority.

Advertising and public initiatives

Any city resident can publicise their own initiatives, or those of others, in Barcelona’s social spaces, in the form of links to other Facebook pages, events and websites in general, provided these have something to do with the city and are not business advertisements. Messages that have nothing to do with the city will be deleted.


Subject to the points made above, everyone has the right to intervene. Either way, we believe once is enough, so messages with the same content or links may not be repeated. If you would like us to publicise a specific activity, email us at xarxes_socials@bcn.cat.

No censorship

There shall be no prior censorship of any contribution a user may make to the active channels Barcelona City Council has on the social networks. Any opinion that fails to meet the terms and conditions described in this document shall be removed by Barcelona City Council.

There are various considerations, depending on the social site.

• No prior censorship: Facebook, Flickr and Youtube. User comments will not be subject to prior moderation, as the technical features of these networks do not allow that and it would undermine the genuine spontaneity of these networks. Even so, any comments that fail to meet the terms and conditions for using these sites shall be removed.

User comments are freely made, personal and not attributable to Barcelona City Council. Public messages or comments that criticise the actions of Barcelona City Council will never be removed, as long as they respect the user terms and conditions for the sites they are published on.

• Moderating comments: We see our blog as a communication, information and interaction space that does not allow comments which breach our user terms and conditions. Each comment must be signed with a name, surname(s) (or alias) and an email address.

• Barcelona City Council shall not be responsible for the accuracy or updating of any information appearing or recommended on its social sites that comes from other natural or legal persons. Nor shall it be responsible for third-party use of any information it contains on its social sites, although it will have to follow the specific warnings given on each platform.