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Noucentisme in Barcelona

19 April, 2017 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
01-Almanach Noucentistes-AHCB

In the early 20th century an important political, social and cultural movement termed noucentisme was formed, gaining momentum at the end of another important movement: modernisme. From the 1960s onwards, modernisme gained more ground and became valued once again, largely due to the architectural work of figures such as Gaudí, Domènech i Muntaner and Puig i Cadafalch. Noucentisme, on the other hand, has still not achieved such popularity. A new … Read more…

The vestiges of early industrialisation

15 September, 2016 | Barcelona People, Unknown City

Industrialisation arrived in Catalonia largely via the printed calico factories which spread around Barcelona from the early to mid-18th century onwards. The first manufacturers set up their operations in the Sant Pere and the Raval neighbourhoods on land where there had previously been fields and cultivation areas. During these beginnings of the history of industry, a building known as the casa-fàbrica appeared, which combined industry and housing on the same … Read more…

Textile history and present day culture combine at La Farinera del Clot

13 June, 2016 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
01-molins dobles-fotoJAF

The city is full of old textile buildings which have been recuperated for new civic and cultural uses. These premises are the vestiges of industry which flourished from the 18th century onwards in the municipalities on the Barcelona plain, such as Sants, Gràcia, Sant Andreu de Palomar and Sant Martí de Provençals. At one of the corners in Pl. Glòries, where Gran Via meets Av. Meridiana, one of these old … Read more…

Barcelona’s lost modernisme

30 June, 2015 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
Cafè La Pajarera-Desconegut-AFB-

Modernisme is one of the things which defines Barcelona. The city has no fewer than nine buildings classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a unique feat in the world. What many people are unaware of is that the modernisme which persists in Barcelona’s streets today is just a sample of a wider number of buildings constructed in the same style which were not just present in the Eixample district. In … Read more…

A stroll along the western section of Avinguda Diagonal

30 January, 2015 | Unknown City
Palau Abadal-foto JAF

Avinguda Diagonal is one of Barcelona’s most iconic avenues. It is also the longest and, in certain sections, the widest in the city. Designed by Ildefons Cerdà, its growth was gradual. Indeed, the avenue was built over a period of 126 years, from the development of the first section – in those days within the municipal boundaries of what was then the separate town of Gràcia – and the moment … Read more…