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Social collaboration, collaborating families

14 February, 2012 | Your City Council

Some of Barcelona’s residents deserve a lot of recognition for their social involvement. Barcelona is lucky it can count on these people – neighbourhood activists, voluntary association members – who do very important work for society. Today we want to highlight some in particular: the families who work with the “Collaborating Families Service“, giving a helping hand to other families overburdened with work. A “collaborating family” is one that voluntarily … Read more…

Routes with children (2): The secrets of the old Jewish quarter

3 November, 2011 | Unknown City

Today we present you with the second chapter in the “Routes with children” series. We are still eager to find out what the city hides. In the previous chapter we looked into the city’s oldest streets, which are located in the Barri Gòtic. This time we stay in the old Gothic quarter but offer you a chance to discover the secrets of the call or Jewish quarter. Barcelona was not … Read more…

Children’s routes: Barcelona’s oldest streets

9 June, 2011 | Unknown City

We are launching a series of video-routes aimed at introducing children to Barcelona. The content of these video-routes is general knowledge, structured into a total of nine episodes that can be watched with parents. To encourage young children to discover this knowledge, each of the videos presents a mystery that can be solved by watching the entire video. The first video-route on offer is set in the city’s ancient centre, … Read more…

Children walking the city

24 March, 2011 | Unknown City

Have you noticed a series of green signs spread around the city that read “espai amic”? These “friendly space” (its translation) signs have been put up as part of the school paths project, which aims to help children become more independent going to school and back, as well as on their other daily sorties outside the home. The signs come in two formats, one for pedestrian crossings and the other … Read more…

Nursery schools helping to reconcile family life

30 January, 2011 | Your City Council
EBM El Vent

In our hyperactive, 21st-century society, reconciling our family, working and personal lives is often like an odyssey. There are only 24 hours in a day and parents have to solve impossible brainteasers to square their hours. For families, then, nursery schools are ideal because they provide an answer to their needs while also offering a space for the very young to learn and grow. The stage small children go through … Read more…