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A Barcelona nativity scene technique that has achieved worldwide recognition

19 December, 2014 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
naixement-joan maria rius

The creation of nativity scenes is a fairly widespread tradition in Catalonia. From mid December, many homes, especially those with small children, dedicate a corner of the house to the creation of a display that includes the Mother of God, Saint Joseph and Baby Jesus. The representation also includes an ox and donkey and it is surrounded by shepherds and the Magi or Three Wise Men travelling towards the scene. … Read more…

What kind of presents can we give for Twelfth Night? Books on Barcelona

2 January, 2014 | Barcelona People, Unknown City

Twelfth Night is already drawing near and practically everyone is looking for ideas for gifts. A book is always a good option; or even two or three, if necessary. And Barcelona is a good theme for a book. The City Council has recently published several books on the city which would make a good present for the festivities. Here are a few of these. The first proposal is Barcelona 1706-1714. … Read more…

A Christmas with history

9 January, 2012 | Unknown City

Christmas is such an ancient and established tradition that we can immediately find Christmas references in Barcelona’s oldest photographic documents. Barcelona’s Photography Archives boast a good selection, as you can all see for yourselves on their website. We’ve made a selection and uploaded them onto our Facebook page over the month of December, progressively posting pictures to coincide with the successive stages of the weeks leading up to Christmas: the … Read more…