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The Francoist purge of Barcelona’s municipal civil servants

13 April, 2018 | Barcelona People, Unknown City, Your City Council
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After the civil war finished in 1939, the new Francoist authorities carried out a thorough and far-reaching shakedown of civil servants and others who had worked for the administration, in order to assume complete control. Not only did they weed out anyone who would have identified with the republican flag, but also anyone offering any degree of opposition, whether through action or omission, to the uprisings of 18 July 1936. … Read more…

The last republican mayor of Barcelona

24 March, 2016 | Barcelona People, Unknown City, Your City Council
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On 20 February 1966, Hilari Salvadó died, the mayor who headed City Council during the years when planes from Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany bombed Barcelona in support of Franco’s forces during the Spanish Civil War. The son of a fishing family in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, Salvadó took over from Carles Pi i Sunyer when the latter was named Minister of Culture by president Lluís Companys. Hilari Salvadó was born … Read more…

Museum of the Guàrdia Urbana de Barcelona

19 September, 2013 | Unknown City, Your City Council
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Barcelona is home to all kinds of museums. Some are city museums, others focus on Catalonia, and quite a few are international in their scope. There are both public and private museums and they cover a wide range of subjects: history of the city, history of Catalonia, art, archaeology, painting, ethnology, design, footwear, chocolate… Montjuïc is a particularly important area of the city in terms of culture, with the MNAC … Read more…

More facilities for collecting towed vehicles

24 May, 2013 | Your City Council
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Anyone who has had their car towed away knows all about the inconvenience it entails, so Barcelona Serveis Municipals (BSM S.A.), the company that runs the city’s tow service, is making every means available for those affected to recover their vehicles as easily as possible. The latest novelty has enabled those affected to find out, through a mobile-adapted webpage, which depot their car has been towed to. In addition, the … Read more…

Barcelona is a city of fountains

13 May, 2013 | Unknown City, Your City Council
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A city like Barcelona has lots of services that run every day. You know they are there but you are hardly aware of their existence, let alone how they work, unless there comes a time when they are not there. It’s when you need them that they become evident. One such service is a feature of the urban landscape. We walk past them a lot but hardly notice them until … Read more…