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The Casa de la Barceloneta 1761

3 November, 2015 | Unknown City
1-casa barceloneta-foto JAF

Cities are constantly evolving. Buildings, surroundings and urban planning trends change over the years and so does the way people live, in part according to what homes are like and the public areas surrounding them. Throughout history, Barcelona has created completely new neighbourhoods, such as the Vila Olímpica, built for the 1992 Olympic Games. Almost two and a half centuries ago a neighbourhood was built beyond the city walls, designed … Read more…

Traces of oriental styles in Barcelona

18 June, 2014 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
casa ferran guardiola-muntaner-concelldecent1

Casa Vicens in C/ Carolines in Gràcia; Casa de les Altures, the headquarters of Horta-Guinardó District Office; Casa Ferran Guardiola at the junction between C/ Muntaner and C/ Consell de Cent; Pl Monumental and Pl Arenes, a number of the mausoleums in Montjuïc cemetery, the ceiling decoration of the Palauet Albéniz and the sgraffito in the dining rooms of the Fonda Espanya, on C/ Sant Pau, are some of the … Read more…

Urban history guides for discovering the city

7 May, 2014 | Barcelona People, Unknown City, Your City Council
guies muhba1

Barcelona boasts a fairly mild climate that invites you to stroll along public areas which are also full of nooks and corners to discover and places to visit. And now that the good weather has arrived, it could well be a good time to make the most of the Urban History guides published by MUHBA, the Barcelona History Museum, featuring itineraries that allow you to discover various periods and locations … Read more…

A stroll through the Horta neighbourhood

28 June, 2013 | Barcelona People, Networking, Unknown City
01torrent carabassa-foto JAF

Today’s Barcelona has several territories among its neighbourhoods that were once independent municipalities until the end of the 19th century and even the first quarter of the 20th century. One of these old municipalities, which remained independent until 1904, happens to be Horta. This post offers you a stroll through its streets, care of the El Pou, Grup d’Estudis de la Vall d’Horta i la Muntanya Pelada, in whose company … Read more…

A film city

21 June, 2013 | Networking, Unknown City
15.El perfum_pag145_Copyright Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission

Barcelona is an attractive city. And it has been for a long time. Miguel de Cervantes had Don Quijote drop by the city and describe it as “a font of courtesy, a shelter for foreigners, a hospice for the poor, a homeland for the brave, an avenger for the aggrieved and a delightful correspondence of firm friendships, and unique in its position and beauty”. What’s more, it’s the only city … Read more…