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A century and a half of the city’s history in photos

5 September, 2016 | Barcelona People, Unknown City, Your City Council
01-demolició de les muralles- 1855-Gobinet -BibliotecaNacionalFrance

Photography has been ever-present in Barcelona since shortly after it was invented. It’s quite well-known that a few months after the invention was presented in Paris the first daguerreotype was taken in Pla de Palau. That first image, captured by Ramon Alabern in 1839, is now lost, but others from those early years in the history of photography have survived. The exhibition Barcelona. The metropolis in the age of photography, … Read more…

Pérez de Rozas, the city’s graphic chroniclers in the 20th century

20 November, 2015 | Barcelona People, Unknown City, Your City Council

A large number of images requested by users of the Photographic Archive of Barcelona bear the same signature of Pérez de Rozas. This lineage of graphic reporters kept up with the city’s heartbeat on a daily basis and provided images over a period of almost 60 years. The exhibition ‘Pérez de Rozas. Crònica gràfica de Barcelona 1931-1954’ [Pérez de Rozas. A Chronicle of Barcelona in Images. 1931-1954] brings together a … Read more…

La Rambla in the early 20th century

2 October, 2015 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
1-venedora de cebes-Foto Ballell-AFB

La Rambla is one of the most emblematic streets in the city. People who stroll there and people who form part of it have always been a source of inspiration for many photographers, local and otherwise, who haven’t let the opportunity of capturing images of life pass them by. The pioneer photojournalist Frederic Ballell documented the street extensively between 1907 and 1908. His photographs are conserved at the Photographic Archive … Read more…

Barcelona streets that have disappeared

21 August, 2015 | Unknown City
01-carrer Graciamat-Foto J Pons Escrigas-AFB

Even though it might not seem like it, cities are alive and Barcelona is no exception. Buildings are knocked down, others rise up and some move location. There are also streets that change their name and streets that disappear. Throughout history lots of streets have disappeared from the old town, Ciutat Vella. Many were partly or totally demolished in the early years of the 20th century in a project known … Read more…

Jacques Léonard, photographer of Barcelona’s gypsies

31 July, 2015 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
Montjuic 1974 Barraca tia Maria i el tio Antonio amb Jacques Léonard

In 1952 the French photographer Jacques Léonard set up in Barcelona after falling in love with Rosario Amaya, a gypsy from the slum housing on Montjuïc mountain who was a model for painters. Léonard’s father was a gypsy and once he was accepted by the Amaya family he became part of the gypsy community at Montjuïc. This enabled him to photograph the community from within, but without compromising his professional … Read more…