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The tradition of Sant Jordi in Barcelona

21 April, 2015 | Unknown City
diada sant jordi pl sant jaume-1936-Foto Perez de Rozas-AFB

Every year the festival of Sant Jordi fills the city with books and roses, with hordes of people of all ages taking to the city’s streets and public places in a festive atmosphere, even though the day is not currently a public holiday. Barcelona, like the rest of the country, celebrates Catalonia’s patron. However, the folklorist Joan Amades asserts in his work that contrary to expectations, historically this saint’s day … Read more…

Cervantes Park, a garden with 50 years of history behind it

25 July, 2014 | Barcelona People, Unknown City

Cervantes Park lies inside the triangle formed by Avinguda Diagonal, the Ronda de Dalt and Carrer Manuel Ballvé, at one end of the Les Corts district. One of Barcelona’s unique green spaces, it began to take shape in 1964, at the initiative of Lluís Riudor, the then director of the Parks and Gardens Service. Many people know the park thanks to the magnificent rose garden that plays host to the … Read more…

The annual event for rose fans is here

8 May, 2013 | Networking, News

This weekend of 10 to 12 May marks an annual event for rose enthusiasts at the Parc de Cervantes‘ rose garden: the Barcelona International New Roses Competition, now in its 13th edition. Thirteen prizes will be awarded, including a new one for the fragrance of the roses. The “Citizen Rose Prize” will be awarded by popular vote that everyone who visits the rose garden this weekend can take part in. … Read more…

Sant Jordi 2013. Books, roses and solidarity

18 April, 2013 | Networking, News
01-DISE-Diada de Sant Jordi-23-4-12-VZ 08

St. George’s Day is something rather special. It is a big festival in Catalonia, but it is a working day. In fact, when it falls on a Sunday, it seems as though the day loses some of its intensity.It’s as though the celebration needs to take place on a work day.On this day, everyone seems happier.The city is filled with books and roses.The centre of Barcelona and all the neighbourhoods … Read more…

Feliç #santjordibcn!

30 April, 2012 | Your City Council
Sant Jordi (2010)

For many – and that includes the good people of Barcelona, it would seem St George’s Day is the second most important festival in Catalonia. Barcelona’s citizens have always taken to the streets to celebrate this festive book and rose day, a unique tradition that naturally and impeccably combines the religious celebration of St George’s Day (St George is Catalonia’s Patron Saint) with World Book Day. Roses and books. The … Read more…