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17 March, 2016 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
01-Elena Jordi-AutorA Esplugas-MAE-Institut teatre

The tobacconist who became the queen of vaudeville and the first woman film director In the 1910s, when Av. Paral·lel was full of all kinds of theatres and venues, one actress shone out and became an authentic queen of the stage. Elena Jordi, whose real name was Montserrat Casals, had her own company, built a theatre and even directed a silent film. Although she was widely-known in her day, at … Read more…

A theatre in the woods of an estate called La Fontana

11 February, 2016 | Unknown City
01-jardi amb taules-desconegut-AMDG-

Strolling around the city, many names crop up and although many people are unaware of their origins, they refer to buildings, locations, people and the past. The names of streets and squares, metro stops and retail establishments can tell segments of the history of neighbourhoods or the city. A metro stop and a cinema in the Gràcia district have stood the test of time and make reference to a place … Read more…

The avenue with the greatest cultural offering in the world

17 December, 2015 | Barcelona People, Unknown City
1-gent al paralel-1902-Desconegut-AFB

In the 1930s, Barcelona had the street with the greatest number of cultural venues and premises in the world. In 1934, some 70% of its area was occupied by a wide array of premises offering shows and other related activities. Theatres, cinemas, cabarets, dance academies, bars, restaurants and other enterprises all lined Avinguda Paral·lel, which at that time even left renowned international equivalents such as Montmatre in Paris and New … Read more…

Apel·les Mestres, grand creator and multifaceted author

15 June, 2015 | Barcelona People, Unknown City

Artist, writer, poet, theatrical author, graphic designer, musician, multifaceted artist and multifaceted person, Apel·les Mestres stands out for his work in manual arts and the literary and musical spheres. He is one of the grand names in Catalan culture from a large chunk of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century and though he was valued and appreciated during his time, he ended up quite overlooked … Read more…