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A thousand years of Barcelona history around the Rec Comtal

27 December, 2016 | Barcelona People, News, Unknown City
01-Criatures al rec-Fons -Mª ROSA MARTINEZ GOMEZ REC MADRIGUERA any 1952

Water channels have shaped the history of many towns and cities. Many of them have grown around a river. There is a thousand-year-old infrastructure in Barcelona which has shaped part of the history of urban development in the city. The Rec Comtal is an irrigation channel which collects water from the Besòs river basin in the municipality of Montcada i Reixac and passes through various neighbourhoods in the current districts … Read more…

The Casa de les Altures, a district office with a history

2 November, 2016 | Barcelona People, Unknown City, Your City Council
01-casa altures principi sXX-AMHG

In the 1980s, when the democratic City Council was taking its first steps, there was a move towards municipal decentralisation. That meant each district would have its own offices and administrative services. In some cases the old deputy mayors’ offices were used, which were housed in buildings which had once been town councils around the Barcelona plain. Examples include the districts of Les Corts, Gràcia, Sant Martí de Provençals and … Read more…

Vestiges of the Rec Comtal

4 September, 2015 | Unknown City
rec comtal a Vallbona-fotoJAF

In Plaça del Primer de Maig, a square in the Vallbona neighbourhood, there is one of those spots that don’t look as if they are part of a big city. There is a water course that could easily be a quiet stretch of any river in some Pyrenean village. In fact it is the part of the Rec Comtal, an infrastructure that dates back to the 10th century, which is … Read more…

Is there a fountain nearby for a sip of water?

16 May, 2014 | Networking, Your City Council

It’s summer. It’s hot. We’re thirsty and a swig of water would do us a world of good. Finding a public fountain would come in handy. Barcelona is full of fountains; in fact it’s one of the cities with the most. There are nearly 1,600 of them, distributed over every neighbourhood. You can be sure that, wherever we are, there will be one close by. Even so, they are so … Read more…

Gothic Barcelona’s historical fountains

24 July, 2013 | Unknown City, Your City Council
Detall font santa anna-foto JAF

We take taps and running water completely for granted today, but it was once an unheard-of luxury for many centuries. Although the Romans had built two aqueducts that supplied the city, houses lacked running water and people had to fetch it from wells and public fountains. Barcelona’s old town, Ciutat Vella, still preserves several centuries-old historical fountains that are presently a tourist attraction, though they once provided a valuable service … Read more…