Feliç #santjordibcn!

30 April, 2012 | Your City Council

For many – and that includes the good people of Barcelona, it would seem St George’s Day is the second most important festival in Catalonia. Barcelona’s citizens have always taken to the streets to celebrate this festive book and rose day, a unique tradition that naturally and impeccably combines the religious celebration of St George’s Day (St George is Catalonia’s Patron Saint) with World Book Day. Roses and books. The City Council is joining in the festivities, making use of its available tools to organise and offer a series of activities we shall now tell you about in this post.
Anyone can go to the website www.bcn.cat/stjordi and carry out the recent tradition of emailing digital roses, alongside this year’s novelty: digital books! This link offers you a selection of free books you can email to anyone you’d like to send your greetings to on this festive day. As you’d expect, you can include a dedication with both the rose and the digital book, a convenient way to add your own personal touch.

This year we are also offering you an opportunity to extend the lives of your books through exchange points open to the public since 16 April and which will stay in place until 28 April. St George’s Day will see a bunch more opening. Here is a list of exchange points.

In this age of social media networks, we naturally also encourage to have your say about St George’s Day on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting any new development from the City Council under the twitter hashtag #santjordibcn, which we invite you to use for putting all the day’s activities in Barcelona onto Twitter!

Computers aside, we remind you that you can once again visit some of the city’s iconic buildings which are normally closed to the public, starting with our own City Hall. Other buildings opening to the public include the Ateneu Barcelonès, the Palau de la Generalitat, the Catalan Archaeology Museum and the Institute for Catalan Studies.

To round off, we’d like to invite you to take part in the Carvalho recipe competition that’s been jointly organised by members of Biblioteques de Barcelona and Mercats de Barcelona. The prize, a meal at the Casa Leopoldo restaurant, will be given to the photograph that is taken of any library or market on the municipal network and which best represents one of the notable works on Bibarnabloc, the Biblioteques de Barcelona blog. You can check out the terms and conditions here. Good luck!

Feliç #santjordibcn!

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