Capgrossos de la Rambla

Fact sheet

In 1988, the Associació Amics de la Rambla purchased four generic big heads from the El Ingenio workshop to use in their festive events and celebrations. The original figures were not particularly distinctive, but the friends of the association had the brilliant idea to remodel them.They added a series of identifying elements to the heads representing four of the characteristic trades of La Rambla, giving each big head its own unique personality.

Design of the remodelling was entrusted to the multi-talented economist Leopoldo Alonso Sánchez, and the work was carried out by the Taller d’Expressió i Arts Plàstiques workshop in Poble Sec. The four big heads represent a fruit and vegetable seller from the Boqueria market, a bird dealer, a news vendor and a florist. They made their début as part of the campaign entitled ‘Sí, Sí, Sí, la Rambla Sí’, and take part exclusively in the Roser festivities, the annual festival of the Rambla.