Centre d'Imatgeria Festiva de Sant Martí - Can Saladrigas

The tradition of festival imagery is especially alive in Poblenou. During the May festivals, Poblenou's big annual festival, as well as other recreational get-togethers over the year, such as the winter solstice, gegats, dragons, capgrossos, the Víbria, the popular Parrot of 36, El Fènix ... all parade through the streets. Since 2009 everything to do with festival imagery in Poblenou has been based at one location: Can Saladrigas, an old factory in Carrer del Joncar that has been restored as a cultural venue. The Centre d’Imatgeria Festiva de Sant Martí, which is an initiative run by the Colla del Drac del Poblenou and the Colla dels Gegants del Poblenou, is located on the ground floor of this cultural venue. It consists of a permanent exhibition of all Poblenou’s festive imagery, spaces for meetings and activities, a rehearsal room for musicians and a workshop for building and restoring the festive figures.

As well as providing a range of services the Centre d’Imatgeria Festiva de Sant Martí runs a programme of activities that seeks to provide the wider public and especially the younger generations with skills and knowledge related to festival imagery: performing-arts creation, music, choreography, popular theatre and community organisation.


Opened in: 2009

Number of rooms: 1

Events hall: Yes (125 people)

Other types of room: office, two storage spaces and a rehearsal room

Bar: A corner zone with little table and two stools with vending machines selling coffee, chilled drinks and snacks

Outside spaces: Yes. An enclosed patio of 1,500 square metres with diaphanous zones and areas with shade provided by trees

Area: 450 square metres

Services provided: Summer and Easter play-scheme activity for infants, Sunday morning sessions, concerts and displays involving festival imagery: the Carnaval de Solsona; the ball del lleó xinès, popular Mexican imagery linked to the Day of the Dead, the ball de l’Àliga de Vilafranca...), building and restoring festival figures, prop making and imagery for Carnival and decorations for the big annual festival

Workshops: Gralla playing and percussion

Disabled access:yes

Other services: permanent exhibition of Poblenou’s festival imagery (guided visits to the exhibition), special exhibitions and performances linked to festival imagery.