Centre d'Interpretació dels Tres Tombs de Sant Andreu - Can Fontanet

Built in 1917, Can Fontanet is the former stables for the horses working at the Fabra i Coats factory complex. Since 2014, this building with Catalan Modernist features has been home to the Tres Tombs Interpretation Centre, a place dedicated to discovering the origins and consolidation of this festival, where draught animals play a leading role. Can Fontanet's past makes it an ideal place to showcase all of the festival's features: the mules and horses, the different kinds of carriages, the fittings...

The building is a three-storey diaphanous construction: the ground floor has a stable for four horses, a place for showing the Tres Tombs carriages and a blacksmith's forge with all the tools needed to shoe horses. The first floor is made up of a service area with a small reception, adapted toilets and an archive. The top floor has a exhibition area with glass cases for the textiles and embroidery seen on the horses and carriages, along with an area that has moveable chairs for audiovisual screenings, presentations, etc.

Guided visits for groups and individuals. Scheduled visits for schools and institutes with programmed activities according to the type of school: infant, primary or secondary.


Opened in: 2014

Events hall: Multi-use area with maximum capacity of 30 people.

Other types of room: Stable, exhibition area, blacksmith's forge.

Outside areas: No

Surface area: Multi-use area, 58m2; Reception, 30m2; Exhibition area, 130m2; Box, 42m2; Interior courtyard, 30m2

Services provided: Scheduled visits for groups and individuals, training area

Workshops: Related to the world of horses

Accessibility: Yes