La Casa de la Sardana

The Casa de la Sardana is a facility which unites the headquarters of all the national, regional and local Sardana organisations in Barcelona. It is a venue that is dedicated to all aspects of the Sardana. In this way, resources are optimized, the dynamics of each organisation are enhanced, and collaborative work, debate and unity of criteria are encouraged.

The facility, located at number 15, Carrer del Pou de la Figuera, is the traditional headquarters of the Agrupació Cultural Folklòrica Barcelona (Cultural Folkloric Association of Barcelona). The venue was renovated in 2016 and a multi-purpose room was created in the form of an auditorium and an office area. The current space was also optimized with a new, more functional distribution, adapted to the predicted needs.

The following organisations are gathered there: the Confederació Sardanista de Catalunya, the Unió de Colles Sardanistes de Catalunya, the Obra del Ballet Popular, the Fundació Universal de la Sardana, the Unió d'Aplecs de Catalunya and the Associació de Cobles de Catalunya. It also serves as the head office for regional organisations such as the Federació Sardanista de les Comarques Barcelonines, the Comissió d'Aplecs de les Comarques Barcelonines and the Colles Sardanistes de Comarques Barcelonines. Furthermore, it is also the head office of local Sardana organisations: the Agrupació Cultural Folklòrica Barcelona, the Foment de la Sardana de Barcelona, the Coordinadora d'Entitats Sardanistes de Barcelona, the Colles Sardanistes de Barcelona Ciutat and the Obra Sardanista Violetes del Bosc.

Opened in: 2017

Events hall: Multi-purpose room in the form of an auditorium

Other types of room: Office area

Outside space: No

Surface area: 236,90 m2

Services provided: Training space

Workshops: Sardanes

Accessibility: Yes

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Address: Carrer del Pou de la Figuera, 15

District: Ciutat Vella

Population: Barcelona

Postcode 08003

Tel: 933 197 637