La Violeta de Gràcia

Popular Culture Centre in the Vila de Gràcia, opened in 2012. Popular culture underwent a marked renaissance in this neighbourhood during the 1980s with the creation of the Equips de Treball de Cultura, as well as other initiatives that shared a concern to revive our culture and make it more widely known. In 2002 with the growth of the Colles de la Vila it was decided to create the Colles de Cultura de Gràcia Coordinator, set on reclaiming festival imagery, cultural traditions, recreate popular celebrations while also introducing innovations to popular culture This work in Gràcia led to the drafting of the Vila de Gràcia Festival Protocol (2005), the first of its kind in Barcelona.

The facilities are managed by the Colles de Cultura de Gràcia coordinator, with the following organisations based there: the Geganters de Gràcia , the Trabucaires de Gràcia, the Drac de Gràcia, the Bastoners de Gràcia , the Bastoners de Barcelona, the Vella de Gràcia, the Diabòlica de Gràcia, the Associació de Veïns Vila de Gràcia, the Amics i amigues de La Violeta, Gràcia amb el Sàhara and the Esbart Lluís Millet. In addition to the specific activities run by the organisations that form a part of La Violeta, there are range of activities to promote Popular Culture and other training activities, as well as courses and workshops linked to cultural topics.

La Violeta is located in a historic building, which used to be the Casino La Violeta. It was built in 1893, designed by the architect Jaume Gustà i Bondia, who also designed a number of other buildings in Barcelona such as the Sants cemetery and District Town Hall, as well as various pavilions for the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition. La Violeta was part of the social and cultural life of Gràcia until the beginning of the 20th century. Over the course of its history it has been used by a range of organisations such as the Centre de Gremis de Gràcia (Gràcia Guilds Centre), the Grup de Detallistes del Carbó de Gràcia (Gràcia Coal Retailers Group), the Associació d’Industrials i Comerciants de Gràcia (Gràcia Industrialists and Merchants Association), the Caçadors de Gràcia (Gràcia Hunters Group), the Associació d’Industrials Barbers i Perruquers de la barriada de Gràcia (Grácia Neighbourhood Industrial Barbers and Hairdressers Association), the Unió de Canaricultors (Canary Breeders Union), the Centre d’Esports de Gràcia (Gràcia Sports Centre), the Mútua d’Industrials i Comerciants de Gràcia (the Gràcia Industrialists and Retailers Provident Society), the Agrupació Cultural Folklòrica Barcelona, the Gràcia Cycling Club, the Colla de Sant Medir l’Amistat de Gràcia, the football teams belonging to the CADECA, the Montclar club, the Collserola Hiking Group, the Joaquim Ruyra Scouts Group and the Esbart Lluís Millet.


Opened in: 2012

Events hall: Yes (150 people)

Other types of room: 3 multi-purpose rooms, 2 rehearsal rooms, 1 exhibition space, offices and storage areas

Bar: Yes

Area: 1,000 square metres

Workshops: Yes

Disabled access: Yes