Orfeó Martinenc

Many generations of people from the EL Clot neighbourhood, as well as those from other neighbourhoods, have taken part in popular culture activities at the Orfeó Martinenc, which has been running for over hundred years since being founded in 1910. That year a group of school teachers and choral singing enthusiasts founded the Martinenca Choir School to provide music teaching. The organisation became established in El Clot and went on to offer other activities such as theatre performances, reading and writing classes, Catalan dance, culture and sport, music, hiking outings... A few years later the organisation would be renamed as the Orfeó Martinenc. In 2008 it was provided with facilities located on the original site (the old building had to be demolished due to its state of disrepair)- and it continues to pursue the same goals as at the outset of its activity: the promotion of, support for and dissemination of culture and community projects.

The Orfeó is organised into several sections, where popular culture is a core element: singing (Choral singing, Youth Choir, Children’s Choir), Cloteatre, Esbart Montserratí Martinenc, Diables del Clot, Gegants del Clot, Tolc la bèstia del Clot, Pork del Clot, Escola de música, La Cruz del Sur, Cercle Filatèlic, Passa-t’ho bé, Benèfica i Social and Penya Barcelonista.


Opened in: 1910

Number of rooms: 4 rooms (1 soundproofed room, 2 music rooms with piano that can be partitioned, 1 dance rehearsal room that can be partitioned Al the spaces are multi-purpose and have the technical equipment for various types of activities.

Events hall: a room that can be converted into a theatre or auditorium as required (290 people, 24 square metres stage and removable seating)

Other types of room: meeting room, foyer exhibition space, press office, etc), dressing rooms. workshops and storage areas.

Bar: bar-restaurant

Area: 1,700 square metres

Services provided: booking and hire of spaces.

Workshops: theatre section and culture section

Disabled access: yes

Other services: library and archive