Sant Andreu Centre for Popular Culture

The Sant Andreu Municipal Centre for Popular Culture is located beneath the Plaça de Can Galta Cremat -the popular name for an old textiles factory that used to exist on this site - and it plays host to a range of this district’s traditional organisations: the Sant Andreu Needlemakers Association, the Bastonera de Sant Andreu, the Foment Sardanista Andreuenc, the Geganters i Grallers de Sant Andreu, the Germandat de Trabucaires, Grallakatú, Sambandreu, the Satànica de Sant Andreu, the Sant Andreu Tympanists and Zingària, the Womens Association for Reclaiming Mediterranean Dances. A number of city and national organisations are also based here: TEB [Barcelona School Workshop], the Ball de Bastons de Catalunya Coordinator Organisation, the Trabucaires de Catalunya Coordinator Organisation and the Catalan Tres Tombs Federation. These organisations are one of the main driving forces behind the cultural vitality of this district, which plays host to some of the most deeply rooted and participatory events such as the big annual neighbourhood festival and the Tres Tombs, which is held in honour of St Anthony Abbot.

On the other hand the Sant Andreu Municipal Centre for Popular Culture also provides a venue for meetings, lectures, talk, exhibitions, screenings and workshop activities on traditional culture.

Opened in: 2006

Events hall: yes, (80 people)

Other types of room: a range of spaces for the organisations based at this venue, community spaces and services and a sound-proofed room for music rehearsals

Outside spaces: no. However, the square above the centre is an ideal setting for a range of events.

Area: 700 square metres

Services provided: information point, room bookings and exhibition space, support for events linked to popular culture and traditions, as well as appointments for members of the public with the Neighbourhood Officer and the Councillor for the Sant Andreu Neighbourhood

Workshops: yes

Disabled access: yes