Societat Cultural i Esportiva La Lira

Located on C/ Coroleu, nº 15, La Lira is a popular cultural association with links to Sant Andreu de Palomar going back to 1870. It opened its headquarters in 2014, after a long period of building work during which its facilities were completely revamped.

La Lira currently plays host to several sports sections such as the La Lira Chess Club, the Sant Andreu Table-Tennis Club and the Balles? Sports Club. It also houses the headquarters of cultural associations such as the Maig Sardanista Dance Group and the La Lira Orfeó. The performing arts have a notable presence there too, seeing as La Lira holds a regular programme featuring the resident La Lira Teatre and Somni Teatre Solidari theatre groups.

Besides the offerings from the various sections, La Lira is also starting a new programme line that is open to everyone, providing courses, talks, exhibitions and activities to promote participation and cultural dissemination.


Opened in: 1870

Events hall: Yes. Seating for up to 100 people

Other types of rooms: Two multi-purpose rooms with seating for 80 and 50 people respectively, suitable for a variety of activities. One space that is of notable historical interest is the old Spanish Civil War aircraft-bombing shelter located in the association's entrance lobby, which can be visited by requests in advance.

Outside spaces: No

Area: 994.10 m2

Services provided: Information point, spaces and exhibition room for hire. Support for the cultural activities programme, popular and traditional in particular.

Workshops: Yes

Accessibility: Yes

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Address: Carrer de Coroleu, 15

District: Sant Andreu

City: Barcelona

Postcode: 08030

Telephone: 933 465 854