Drac Heura de Sants

Fact sheet


Heura de Sants

Construida en 1997 por Josep Alcober

After the Pitu and the Xot, the Heura de Sants the third fire beast belonging to the Diables de Sants group. It was made by Josep ‘Pitu’ Alcober in 1997. The Heura is the figure of a winged dragon, ridden by a member of the Diables de Sants.

The combination of the fire beast and the fire devils makes for a large, spectacular show. The dragon also has various points for launching a range of fire works, in the metal structure inside its fangs.

The performance is accompanied by the music of the Diables de Sants drummers. The Heura is not very active, but it does participate in the Sants Torch Procession.