Festa major del Besòs i del Maresme

Activity dates

Dates de celebració

Mid-June in the Besòs and Maresme neighbourhoods, Sant Martí district


The Besòs and Maresme neighbourhoods are located right at the eastern limit of the city, touching the Sant Adrià de Besòs municipality. Originally the land was arable fields irrigated by the river. In the second half of the 20th century the neighbourhood began to undergo a drastic change as a result of massive urbanisation. The territory extends across the entire Rambla de Prim in the east, and in the west of this great urban hub are the houses of the Maresme.

In the middle of June, the neighbourhoods hold a two-week-long festa major, the main festival. In the first weekend the activities are concentrated in the Besòs area, and in the second, the events are organised by the Maresme residents. Among all the activities that take place, the most notable are the community meals, the events for kids, the sporting competitions, the festa major dances, and the fira d’entitats, the organisations' fair, where all the neighbourhoods associations are on show.

About festivities


Falcons de Barcelona. In the afternoon of the first Sunday of the festa major, the gymnastic group, the  Falcons de Barcelona, give a display on the Rambla de Prim.