Festa Major del Camp d’en Grassot i de Gràcia Nova

Activity dates

Dates de celebració

End of June and beginning of July in the two Gràcia neighbourhoods of Camp d’en Grassot and Gràcia Nova


Camp d’en Grassot and Gràcia Nova are two recently built neighbourhoods to the south-east of the old town, Vila de Gràcia. One, Camp d’en Grassot, was a rural area that was later industrialised, while the other was a small neighbourhood originally named Ca l’Alegre de Dalt, and now called Gràcia Nova for commercial reasons. Both areas began to be developed in the second half of the 20th century.

The annual festa major of these two neighbourhoods is organised by a group of residents and traders associations, along with social and educational organisations. A lot of the activities take place round the La Sedeta civic centre, one of the most dynamic places in these parts. The festival lasts a week and involves all kinds of activities: art exhibitions, communal meals, dances, concerts and sports events. Popular culture takes the form of a correfoc, a cercavila gegantera  and a display of stick dancing. 

About festivities


Correfoc. On the first Friday of the festival, the Diabòlica de Gràcia organise a tabalada drum session, followed by a correfoc round the streets. 

Havaneres. After the opening speech, the pregó, has been read out, the celebrations officially kick off with a concert of Cuban havaneres, swilled down with  rom cremat (burnt rum) and coca (a kind of flat bread).

Cercavila. Bruixa Violeta (Violet the Witch) features in the festa major. On Saturday evening she takes part in a cercavila , a musical procession which takes in the most emblematic sculptures on Passeig de Sant Joan.

Ball de Bastons. Following the final communal lunch, the Bastoners de Gràcia offer a display of stick dancing.

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