Diables del Casc Antic de Barcelona

The Diables del Casc Antic de Barcelona were set up in 1997 and, since then, they have taken their correfocs and firework displays to the city's neighbourhoods, as well as other towns around Catalonia. Over the years they have added new acts to the usual ones. Cercaviles , for example, and more recent activities associated with the fire festival.

 They are accompanied by tabalers, set up in 1998 as the drummers section of this devils' group. They started with the traditional drumbeats of fire festivals but gradually they have added more modern pieces to their repertoire, which now includes tarantellas, marches, flamenco rhythms - bulerias - funk, reggae and Japanese percussion, for example. Since 2002, the tabalers have also appeared independently as a percussion group going by the name of Ku-Kum-Ku.

 The Diables del Casc Antic also have a section for children, starting at five years old. Like the adults, they appear at the Christmas and patron-saint festivals.

 The group are based at the Centre Sant Pere Apòstol, a social and cultural meeting place for Sant Pere neighbourhood residents set up in 1892.