Diables Socarrimats de l'Infern

In the spring of 2012, the Diables Socarrimats de l'Infern set up a cultural association, which was driven by the interest of a group of friends in popularising the fire festival tradition and culture. Most of their efforts are focused on the La Bordeta, Hostafrancs and Sants neighbourhoods, where they are trying to spread the devil tradition as a tool for integration and collaboration.

The association has three sections: young devils, adults and drummers. The tabalers, aside from accompanying the diables in the correfocs and other fire events, also take part independently in activities organised by cultural associations and schools.

The diables' outfits consist of a black jacket coat and trousers, with orange and purple flames, and each member adds any other details they like. The tabalers wear an orange T-shirt with their logo on the collar.