Diables Tarascaires

In 1993 the Associació de Geganters, Grallers i Bestiari de la Barceloneta unveiled a new festival fire beast, the Tarasca de Barcelona. Three years later, in 1996, members of the association created the Tarascaires, the colla de diables that take it out and look after it. Occasionally they take part in correfocs on their own, without the Tarasca.

During Barceloneta's festa major they put on a specially created fire show, based on a sacramental act, that represents the struggle between St Michael and Lucifer. In 2003 they brought the show up to date by incorporating the reading of some satirical versots.

The Diables Tarascaires wear green trousers adorned with flames, a red T-shirt with their group anagram, a personalised navy-blue jacket coat and a green hood. The hood and jacket-coat colours are inspired in the Tarasca's skirt tails.