Gegantó Pitu de Sarrià

Fact sheet


Pitu de Sarrià

Built in 2013 by
Taller Ventura & Hosta

  • Alçada

  • Pes


The Pitu mini giant first appeared for the local festival in Sarrià in 2013. The figure was built by the imagery craftsman David Ventura, from the Ventura & Hosta workshop in Navata.

The mini giant pays homage to Josep Calderó, popularly known as Pitu, who was the chairman and founder (1963) of the club CP Futbol Sarrià. Because of this the figure, who looks just like Calderó, is holding a football with his right arm and wears the club logo on the lapel of his suit.

The piece was first used to mark the 50th anniversary of the club and after the presentation it was passed onto the Sarrià giants group.